12 tricks to make you have Zheng Xiujing’s perfect abs

12 tricks to make you have Zheng Xiujing’s perfect abs

Recently, one of the members of a popular Korean girl group, Zheng Xiujing, has a beautiful and charming abs, and many female friends have quickly begun to act.

Abdominal muscles are also a very important aesthetic standard in modern society. Many people are pursuing abdominal muscles. In fact, abdominal muscles have many signs of health, can also enhance physical strength, prevent obesity to a certain extent, and make people less likely to have a small belly.

The physical differences between men and women lead to differences in the practice of abdominal muscles. Some methods are suitable for both men and women, and some are more suitable for women.

Next, we will give women a lot of tricks to let you easily have the perfect abs!

  1. Lie on your home-made mat with your hands over your head.

Quickly sit up, do flexion exercises, and touch your toes with your hands.

  2. Sit on the mat, stretch your legs straight, then start squeezing your hands backwards, doing exercise on one leg, alternating left and right legs.

  3. Lie on your own mat with your arms raised.

Sit up with your upper body while doing abdomen lifting and raising your feet. When you lift to the vertical plane, pat your hands with your palms.

  4. The body lies flat on the self-made mat, and the arms are naturally placed on the body parts to ensure the stability of the body, and continue to do abdomen and leg lifting.

  5. Lay the body flat on the homemade mat, hold the stick or rope in a pair with both hands, and lift it to your chest.

Bend your leg back through the rope (stick) before returning.

  6, hold the high horizontal bar or hold the door frame, this has a good effect on thin belly.

  7. Keep lunge in front of your left foot, hands on hips.

Use your right and left hands to touch the outside of the heel of your left foot (forefoot) at the same time, and then return to the hip stance.

  8. Lie on your back on the mat, hold your hands behind your head, do right-angle sit-ups, use your right elbow joint to touch the outside of your left knee, alternate left and right once.

  9. Lie on your back with your palms facing down and your arms raised sideways.

Swing your left leg towards your right arm, and alternate your left and right legs once.

  10. The two sit with their backs facing each other and do the exercises of passing heavy weights (10 kg).

  11, the first position (with your feet slightly apart), do the exercises to turn and lift dumbbells.

That is: when the body turns to the left while raising both arms, do it to the right once after restoration.

  12. Lie on your back, move the solid ball (heavy weight) one meter above the right shoulder obliquely to the left side of the left foot 50 cm, then move back to the original position, alternating left and right.

  It takes a lot of effort to develop charming abdominal muscles. Experts say that the dual health of the abdominal muscles is also an aesthetic way. It is recommended to pay attention to rest when practicing abdominal muscles.health.

  Abdominal muscles are what every man wants. In fact, there are many women who are eager to have a beautiful abdominal muscles. Have you learned all of the above?

It’s simple and easy to learn, then hurry up and learn these 12 tricks to make it easy for you to have Zheng Xiujing’s perfect abs!

The editor here reminds everyone to pay attention to their own safety when exercising and pay attention to the combination of work and rest!