9 Love Preservation Techniques for Marriage

9 “Love Preservation Techniques” for Marriage

Many people will ask: How long is the shelf life of love?
Many people feel that after marriage, their feelings become very dull, and love gradually disappears.
From love to marriage, everyone has an extra responsibility, and he is more busy working for the family.
Try these nine love freshness techniques in your life, so love never expires!
  Like the habit of marking the shelf life of food in foreign countries, “scientists” put a stamp on the box of “love”: love 18 months ago, fresh, delicious, juicy, and after 18 monthsAlthough it can still be eaten, the taste has begun to be discounted; wait 3 years later-throw it directly into the trash can and go to the supermarket to buy a new one!
Not willing to fall into such an “expired” end of your past romantic love?
Then keep your love fresh from now on!
  What is the shelf life of love?
Nothing warms the hearts of lovers more than Zhou Xingchi’s “10,000 years”!
  Every week, freshness recruits the exclusive “heart” time for two people.
  Don’t think of the exclusive time of two people only as a private moment in bed, or watch TV together at home, and go shopping together; you need to communicate with your heart to be truly “exclusive for two”!
Set aside half an hour a week, don’t choose a movie theater, or find a noisy entertainment place, try to go for a walk with him in the evening, or sit at home without a TV or a computer, and drink a cup of hot tea.speak.
I spent the whole half of my life in the world of two people, listened to his mood, and talked about his thoughts. In this way, after getting into the habit, “I am together every day, but how can I not understand you more and more”The situation will never happen between you.
  Use the phrase “Tired?”
“I ironed his heart. There was a website survey. The husband most wanted to hear the wife ‘s home phrase is not” I love you “or” Do not worry about housework, “but” Tired? ”
Or “Tired?”
So even though you are well aware of his tiredness in your heart, you have already prepared dinner and steaming bath water for him, but please also ask this sentence because rubbing your shoulders is soothing.Body, but this sentence can iron his heart.
Especially after returning from your maid’s home to your two little homes, when he hears this sentence, he will definitely feel that he has married the most intimate wife in the world.
  In addition, do n’t think that “the husband handed a bouquet of flowers and the wife sent a kiss” is the normal intimate scene of the couple. Even if he only handed you a vegetable basket or a briefcase after entering the door, you still need to meet him and kiss him.He asked in amazement why, you can look into his eyes with a smile and say: no why.
—It’s more touching than saying “I love you”.
  ”Sacrifice” will be his moderation and tolerance in the future, because the soil most suitable for “love” growth is called compassion.
  Want praise not depreciated?
Once a month!
  Men, like children, are sometimes full of love and closeness to those who often praise themselves.
It was just a simple compliment for us to say that his voice was great when he did well, but he could chatter in his heart for a long time.
If he can brag about him in front of friends and family members, such as “how was it for my husband then” or “you don’t know what happened to my dear on that day”, then he will blossom even more in his heart.
But he should pay attention to the frequency of praise. It is almost enough to hold him once a month, otherwise your praise should be devalued!
  Set a monthly “cooking day”, love is the best condiment.
  Because of changes in lifestyles and busy work, it is common for young couples to settle for three meals outside, but even so, can they try to cook at home once a month?
Make recipes together and buy ingredients together. When you get home, you help me choose the dishes. I help you set the table. It doesn’t really matter how the dishes come in because they love to make condiments.
After the nourishment of ordinary fireworks, love can withstand the storms of life.
  With the sweet mood of writing a love letter as a student, write a real letter to him every year!
  Every year, Baoshuangxinzhao writes a love letter, a text message, a phone call, and an e-mail. In addition to these, have you ever thought of writing a letter to him?
With the sweet mood of writing a love letter as a student, write a real letter to him every year!
Whether it is the other party ‘s birthday, or the anniversary of love, or just an ordinary day that you particularly miss him, it will become the great content of love Feihong.
It will not only make you and the recipient of this letter feel the love and happiness of love. In the endless years in the future, as long as you flip your fingertips over the stationery, the love hidden in it will still radiate, long and fragrant.
  Change the house and find that the women who love you want to change their home at least once a year, so the next time you want to make changes to the home, pull him together and do it!For another kind of furniture, what kind of color do you want, and what to put in our bedroom? Watching and watching the new home with a common hope appear little by little, it will be more difficult to depend on and love each other.

  Take a “fill in the blank” tour!

  It is not difficult to travel with him once a year. Traveling with a lover does not care about the length of time or whether the destination is romantic. The key is whether it can warm up the love between you.

If only the tiredness, delays and a bunch of photos remain in memory after returning from the tour, it would be better to stay at home honestly!

So you might as well try to choose a tourist place like this. Some small cities where you spent your childhood, or the water town where he did n’t know you before, let the other person leave a blank in your life for a tour guide.Once filled, is there anything more suitable for warming love than this kind of tourism?