Enchanting pole dance sculpture devil figure

Enchanting pole dance sculpture devil figure

In the gym in London, pole dancing has replaced Pilates or yoga classes, and has become a new craze. This kind of dance to strippers not only exercises and teaches people to be upside down, but also seduces the sexy posture of spring hearts, while also sculpting the devil.figure.

  Healthy steel pole fever, a sizzling fitness sport, started in 2003 by Sophia Coppola in an MTV run by the White Stripe Orchestra. Kate Moss’s hot dance has been passed on by word of mouth for two years.It is a trend.

Alison Hood, director of PolePeople, one of the main pole dance colleges in London, confirmed:[When we opened in October 2003, there were only two or three kittens to study, but in 2004, we already had 500 teaching materials.This spring has exceeded 3,000 person-times].

Manufacturers of steel pipes are even more celebrated because they used to take orders from clubs to help men make steel pipes. Now, up to 80% of orders are placed by individuals.

  In London, pole dancing teaching started with renting up-and-coming nightclubs, advanced fitness centers, dance classrooms and even spas. Teachers who originally taught yoga, Pilates or modern jazz, learned more from real strippersAfter her sexy tricks, she switched to teaching pole dancing.

And the pole dancers in the club, now they have the opportunity to reinvent themselves, re-enter the old industry, move boldly, they are naturally the best pole dance teachers.

[Ordinary]girls who want to hang on a steel pipe can learn how to[sexually]rotate their body in a happy environment, in addition to practicing physical fitness and figure on the steel pipe.

Therefore, female lawyers, housewives, musicians, dentists, or students, girls who were unable to hit pole poles with eight poles all joined in.

[Every year, I will make up my mind to spend money to sign up for various courses offered by the training organization, but often it wo n’t go away after three weeks. Only the pole dance is already a carbohydrate month. I am still hereThe more you practice, the more you become interested.

]Said Tiffany stationed in France.

There are also other scholars who have participated in pole dance courses. Most of them believe that pole dance is not only fun, but also can build arm strength and sexy posture.

  Addictive sexy sports Want to know how to dance pole dance?

Please follow us to the dance classroom in London.

On Saturday afternoon, a dozen women gathered around an ordinary steel pipe, and two girls with heavy makeup, waited to prepare for acceptance; a mother in her thirties and a few fat bodiesYoung lady, afraid to face her mirror, was afraid to see her hot new look.

After about 15 minutes of warm-up, the coach will show a dance first.

Cross your hands and feet, and stare at the top, much like the cool look of a Chanel model walking, then walk to the mirror, kneel to the ground, and stroke your hair and thighs, all in order to achieve the effect of blood veins.

  Looking at the pole dancing in each classroom, it’s probably similar.

First warm up on the ground, and then imitate the classical ballet, yoga or aerobics stretching exercises, or add some push-ups, and after the sit-ups, the dance begins.

Students wear high heels, just like ballet dancers put on dance shoes, stroking the steel pipe and getting ready to indulge in it.

At first, hold the steel pipe with both hands to make movements, let yourself slowly walk around the steel pipe, and then practice to be able to smile gracefully, deliver the body weight to the steel pipe, show a confident performance, and then gently jump back to the ground, regardless ofChange a few movements, and be able to skillfully combine different postures, which will only look more than a stand.

Within an hour, students had been able to step on high-heeled shoes and revolve around steel pipes.

As soon as the soul jazz electronic music was played in the classroom, the sexy body began to dance, and then they began to beat.

According to 41-year-old An Qi, this dance is addictive:[When the first lesson is skipped, I go out and see the steel bars on the construction site and the poles of the bus. I feel different.]

  Speaking of training the devil figure When it comes to training figure, the achievement of pole dancing is quite remarkable.

Like Pilates, the pole dance will practice abdominal and buttock muscles, which must be tightened to make movements.

If you want to make the dancing graceful and graceful, you must train your abdominal muscles. As soon as you relax, the center of gravity will immediately fall.

Yoga instructors will remind students to move their hands on the ground and feet upwards when teaching their heads and feet, and pole dancing relies on the muscles of the arms to break all the records of[sculpting]and gather the strength of the whole body.

After six lessons for beginners, the beautiful muscle lines of the body will appear, and the arms will build muscles, which will be very powerful, and climbing the pipe is like a child’s game, and the pedaling will gradually become more compact.Round.

  In addition, pole dancing is actually an excellent cardio-pulmonary exercise. When you jump up and down, you can burn about 250 calories per hour, which makes people eager to see the enrollment profile.

However, most people’s congresses generally go to elementary and intermediate classes, and after about 12 hours of training, they can jump to the expert dance steps such as big V dance, girl sitting position, fiery sun, Egyptian maneuver, window girl.

Among these professional movements, the most exciting climax is just hanging upside down on a steel pipe with only one leg, and the arm can also be waved in a[upside down]posture in the[wow]sound praised by the audience.You can start at this level, but you have to practice to sweep the floor and spread your legs quickly in the air, leaning on the steel pipe and leaning back, without facing red ears and reds, I am afraid it will take several time-course exercises.

After you have mastered the basic skills, if you want to go to the next level, there are also professional courses that teach you to start designing sexy dance steps that suit you, so that you can jump out more gracefully and naturally.

Dancer Donna Meyer, who jumped out of the hall with a rock outfit, was wearing mini shorts and bright black boots. Punk rock outfits taught students pole dancing in the fitness center.

She has trained students, including a leopard skin rock costume in[Stealing Love], and a pole dancing actress Natalie Bowman. In the course, you can also learn pole dancing to highlight the caress, roundness and femininity of women.The wildness is closer to the sexy aspect of oriental belly dance.

  What pole dance should I wear?

You can choose your favorite sexy outfit, whether it ‘s cute, shorts or even sexy underwear. The most important thing is to expose your thighs. After a few barefoot exercises, if you can catch the steel pipe, you mustPut on high heels.

Whether it is transparent, high heeled shoes or riding boots, as long as it does not cover the thighs, it should be allowed to shrink freely.

You can first practice entrusting your body weight to high-heeled shoes with a height of 12 cm, and learn basic actions such as jumping, squatting, and getting up to improve your sense of balance. Experts suggest that you can wear thick-soled high-heeled shoes, which will not hurt you.Your back.  What kind of music is more suitable?

After practicing the basic movements, you can choose the music that suits your preferences.

In London, dance classrooms include[La Marmalade]from the Moulin Rouge,[Hey Mama]from Black Eyed Peas,[You can wear a hat]from Tom Jones, or strong rock music.