Loss of appetite can improve ginger

Loss of appetite can improve ginger

The decline in the digestive function of some people will lead to stomach chills and loss of appetite.

Some time is also due to taking too much sputum powder (such as berberine, etc.), it will also lead to no appetite, most afraid of eating cold or light food.

  For different reasons, Professor Zhang introduced several very suitable methods to help you deal with the loss of appetite.

  If you are eating, you are particularly afraid of eating cold or light things, you can be too cold in the stomach, lack of warmth.

At this time, ginger and tofu can be used as a seasoning for the dishes, distorting the warm stomach and dispelling cold, comforting the taste, enhancing the appetite and increasing the light effect.

Ginger can be added to the pressurization and dumplings, or put into the ginger soup; the dried cardamom is usually used in the soup.

  If it is due to the decline of digestive function, resulting in poor absorption, indigestion, replace the hawthorn, dried tangerine peel, Shenqu and other foods to replace the function of stomach and digestion.

  The novel hawthorn can be eaten as a snack, dried in the mountains, soaked in water, or boiled into soup; after dried tanning, it can be cut into silk and used as a drink; Divine Comedy can be used for both drinking and soup.

If you can drink a cup of hawthorn juice or dried tangerine peel tea about half an hour before a meal, the effect will be better.

  The absorption of digestive fractions depends on the spleen and stomach. Therefore, regulating the function of the spleen and stomach will indirectly affect the taste and appetite.

Can be fried with cinnamon powder, dried ginger, yam, licorice, green skin, Atractylodes, about 9 grams per taste, taken twice a day, continuous use for half a month to a month, can work at a certain level, to comfort the taste buds, thusImprove your appetite.

  In addition, the usual massage of Zusanli is also one of the ways to improve the function of the spleen and stomach.

Zusanli is located 3 inches above the exoskeleton and about the lateral side of the upper bone.

When you massage, you can put the thumb and finger on the Zusanli point, try to step on it, then push the muscles, and do it 7 times, alternating alternately.

  Rub the legs with the palm of your hand, one from top to bottom, about 1-3 minutes, the same can squeeze the warmth and stomach, promote digestion and absorption, increase the appetite.