[How to make the garden onions]_How to make the food_Delicious practice

[How to make the garden onions]_How to make the food_Delicious practice

The onion is our common onion. It has a large head and is rich in nutrition, especially strong in health care. Onion has a good effect on removing fishy odor. As usual, we eat squid or seafood, and putting some onions can be veryGood to remove the fishy smell.

Onion also has very good health care effects, and it is very helpful for patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. So what is the delicious way to make onions?

The medicinal effects and effects of garden onions1. Garden onions can cure hyperlipidemia Garden onions have a good therapeutic effect on human hyperlipidemia. The sulfide contained in it can clear cholesterol in the blood, and the compounds it contains can reducePlatelet coagulation prevents thrombosis, at the same time softens blood vessels, accelerates blood circulation, and has a significant preventive and therapeutic effect on human hyperlipidemia.

2, garden onions can prevent gastric cancer onions and garlic, green onions, leeks and other allium vegetables, because they contain anti-cancer chemicals, the more you eat onions, the lower the chance of stomach cancer.

3. Onion can prevent high blood pressure. Onion contains at least three anti-inflammatory natural chemicals that can treat high blood pressure.

Because onions can inhibit the activity of histamine, which is a chemical that can cause allergic symptoms, onions can reduce the chance of insulin injection by about half.

4. Onions can treat diabetes Long ago, onions have been used to treat diabetes. In modern times, onions have been proven to reduce blood sugar; both raw and cooked foods have the same effect.

It turns out that there is an anti-diabetic compound in the onion, similar to the commonly used oral hypoglycemic agent mesobutamine, which can stimulate the synthesis and release of insulin.

5. Garden onion can treat diabetes. Garden onion also has a very good therapeutic effect on human diabetes. The garden onion contains natural compounds that can fight against diabetes. It has similar effects to the hypoglycemic drugs that humans take, and it can stimulate insulin.The release can reduce the excessively high blood sugar, and the healthy people often eat the garden onions can also effectively reduce the incidence of diabetes.