7 things you can’t do before seeing chinese medicine_1

7 things you can’t do before seeing Chinese medicine

One should not drink milk or soy milk.

Drinking these things can easily make the tongue coating white and greasy, causing doctors to misdiagnose.

  Two should not eat olives, black plums, bayberry.

These foods can easily darken the tongue and cause doctors to misdiagnose.

  Three should not drink alcohol or eat too much cold food.

Alcohol and beverages are hot and easy to make qi and blood run faster, the tongue becomes red, and the pulse rate increases, which affects the diagnosis of diseases.

Similarly, food that is too hot or too cold is also possible.

  Four should not drink coffee, eat oranges and yellow food.

Eating these things makes the tongue coating yellow, which can lead to misdiagnosis by the doctor.

  Five should not eat peanuts, seeds, walnuts.

Because these foods containing a lot of aunt will also make the tongue white and greasy, making the doctor misdiagnosis.

  Six should not see a doctor after a meal.

After meals, not only the pulse is more prolonged, but the tongue coating becomes thinner and the tongue texture becomes red. In addition, some foods can easily make the tongue coating discolor, which will lead to misdiagnosis by the doctor (the best time is 1 hour after meal).

  Qi should not seek medical treatment immediately after intense physical activity.

At this time, it will affect the doctor to cut the pulse and cover up other manifestations of the disease.

Should rest for about half an hour, the patient should see the doctor when his blood is calm.