[Cold pork liver]_cold pork liver _ how to do _ practice Daquan

[Cold pork liver]_cold pork liver _ how to do _ practice Daquan

Cold pork liver, many people can’t stop it, but the delicious cold pork liver wants to enjoy its taste and nutrition at any time. The key is to know the specific methods so that it can play its role in nourishing the liver and eyesight.The effect of the effect.

First, cold pork liver raw materials Ingredients: pork liver (300 g) spinach (250 g) accessories: parsley (15 g) shrimp (15 g) seasoning: sesame oil (5 g) soy sauce (5 g) garlic (5 g) salt(2g) vinegar (5g) 2. Make cold pork liver 1.

The pig liver was washed, cut into thin slices, scalded with boiling water until it broke, and removed to control the moisture.


Wash the spinach and blanch it with boiling water. Cut it into sections after cooling. Choose the wash and cut the parsley.


Mix spinach, liver slices, parsley, sea rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, salt, and garlic puree.

Third, pig liver: Pig liver is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, iron and other elements. It has the effects of nourishing liver, eyesight, and nourishing blood. It is especially suitable for anemia, often working in front of a computer, and people who drink, butBecause of its high cholesterol content, patients with hypercholesterolemia, liver disease, hypertension and coronary heart disease should eat less or not.

Fourth, spinach: Spinach contains a large amount of beta carotene and iron, and is also an excellent source of vitamin B6, folic acid, iron and potassium.

Among them, the rich iron has an improving effect on iron-deficiency anemia, it can be surprisingly ruddy and radiant, so it is respected as a beauty product.

Spinach leaves contain chromium and an insulin-like substance, which acts very similarly to insulin and can stabilize blood sugar.

Rich B vitamins content can prevent the occurrence of vitamin deficiency such as angular cheilitis and night blindness.

Spinach contains a large number of antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium. It has anti-aging and promotes cell proliferation. It can activate brain function and enhance youth vitality, prevent brain aging and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

A Harvard study hasn’t found that consuming 2?
In the middle-aged and elderly people who spinach 4 times, intake of vitamin A and carotene can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration and protect eyesight.