[How to make vegetable crisps]_ liver crisps _ how to make

[How to make vegetable crisps]_ liver crisps _ how to make

At present, in addition to fruit chips, there are also vegetable chips. The main principle of vegetable chips is to dry fresh vegetables to achieve the effect of dehydration, so that the vegetables taste authentic, and no spices are added to them.It also brings people to fall in love with vegetables, because if you do not like to eat cooked vegetables, you can eat crunchy dried vegetables, which will be easier to accommodate in terms of taste. What is the method of making vegetable chips?

Production method (1) Analysis from the perspective of cost.

The cost of individual varieties in the production process is very high.

There are two reasons for this phenomenon.

First, the cost of raw materials is high, such as the delicious taste of fried edible mushrooms, very popular with consumers.

However, the price of some edible fungi is relatively high and the cost burden is very heavy.

The second is the low utilization rate of some raw materials, which is caused by too few finished products. For example, the pineapple yield is only about 6%. Such a low yield will naturally cause high costs.

As a production-oriented enterprise, due to cost considerations, it is bound to reduce high-cost products.

The consequence is restrictions on processed varieties.

Cheap and efficient bulk materials have become processors’ favorite.

In addition, deep processing of by-products is also a way to reduce costs.

A large number of broken, low-grade fruit and vegetable chips will be reprocessed and sold into other products.

The development of processing, depth and so on should be the issues considered by the enterprise.

The pricing of this product currently on the market is still relatively high.

In addition to the unique advantages of the product itself, the basis of pricing is mainly based on cost.

As costs decrease, product market pricing decreases.

The product’s market competitiveness is stronger.

(2) Analysis from the perspective of technology.

For product quality, the nature of the process is unquestionable.

After the factory equipment and other hardware are in place, the impact of hardware on product quality improvement has been limited.

It’s mainly about craftsmanship.

Many problems of product quality are caused by imperfect technology and insufficient control.

These problems cannot be attributed to equipment factors.

As production progresses, process improvements are bound to exist.

The newly produced fruit and vegetable chip factory will have a relatively simple processing technology.

But through the depth of production, more and more varieties are processed, and the situation is getting more and more complicated.

Process control points increase accordingly.

In other words, the process has a tendency to change from simple to complex.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of the entire industry level, more and more new technologies, new methods, new additives and auxiliary materials have been applied.

The more famous unreasonable process was improved.

The quality of the product is going to be stable, and the natural degree will be improved.

(3) Analysis from the perspective of raw materials.

Fruit and vegetable raw materials have a variety of processing methods.

Fresh-keeping, dried, canned, sugar-made, juice-made, pickled, frozen-stored, etc. are the main processing methods for fruit and vegetable raw materials, while fruit-vegetable crisps are only a dry one.

In order to avoid risks, the fruit and vegetable chip factory will choose a variety of processing methods based on processing characteristics.

In the future, the fruit and vegetable chip factory is not only a product of fruit and vegetable chip, but frozen products and sugar products may appear.