Ice therapy method for traditional Chinese medicine therapy

Ice therapy method for traditional Chinese medicine therapy

The ice pack method is to apply an ice pack directly or with ice water to the medicine and apply it to the affected area or a certain part to treat the disease.

  Bingzhi is a medicine. It was recorded as early as in Tang Dynasty’s Chen Zangqi’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” that Bing is “sweet and cold, non-toxic, and the main thing is to get hot.”

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen explicitly included the external treatment method of “Treatment of typhoid fever, yang poison, heat and coma, and a piece of ice to link the middle and the good”.

In addition to modern law, this method is often used for emergency treatment of patients with high fever coma, but also used to treat some pain and bleeding symptoms.

By virtue of the coldness of the ice, it directly acts on the affected area or specific parts to achieve cooling and heat dissipation, bleeding and pain relief, and elimination of swelling.

  [Operation method]Put the ice pack on the affected area for cold compress. If it is a high fever patient, apply the ice pack to the patient’s forehead, complications, under the arm and groin. If treating rhinitis, apply ice to the temple or forehead.

Generally, the ice pack time should not be too long, but it should be continuously applied to patients with high fever, and the ice pack should be changed frequently until the temperature drops.

  [Indications for arthritis]First, heat stroke cooling (“Chinese Medicine Internal Medicine Emergency Treatment”) ice 1 block, put into the patient’s abdomen, so that the body temperature can be basically normal.

Function to cool down and relieve heat.

Indications of heat stroke into the Yangming type.

  Second, epidemic encephalitis ice pack external application (“Infectious Diseases”) ice pack, use ice pack and well water to cold compress the head (forehead, headrest) and the superficial parts (such as distal, Under the arm and groin, etc.), with anal temperature controlled at 38.

It is preferably below 5 ° C.

Functional cooling.

Indications for Japanese encephalitis with high fever.

  Third, Yangqiang does not pour ice cubes externally (empirical formula).

Rub the ice cubes over the erect penis for 15 minutes.

Function helps Yin and lower fire.

Indications of hot and vigorous Yang Yangqiang.


After applying the ice, dry the skin with a dry towel.


The ice time should not be too long, usually about 20 minutes.


Old age, frailty, cold syndrome, women’s pregnancy, menstrual period, etc. should not be iced.


Patients with traumatic injury, fatigue, late inflammation, heart disease, and edema should not apply ice.


If the patient has an adverse reaction during ice application, it should be stopped immediately.