Drug Therapy for Gastric Ulcer

Drug Therapy for Gastric Ulcer

Gastric ulcer is a common digestive system disease in life. How to regulate the gastric ulcer from food, keep the disease away from our life, and also do medicated diet at home to regulate the body.

   1, egg stew panax notoginseng method: one egg, 30 grams of honey, panax notoginseng 3g, beat the eggs into a bowl and stir, add panax notogins powder and mix well, simmer in water and add honey and mix thoroughly, take 1 dose daily.
    Efficacy: Sanqi hemostatic and anti-inflammatory; honey Buzhong Yiqi, spleen and stomach; this prescription can relax liver and qi, and stomach and spleen, suitable for epigastric pain, vomiting, nausea, belching and so on.

    2, bergamot congee method: bergamot 10g, white lentils, barley, yam 30g each, pork belly soup and salt.

Decant the bergamot water, remove the residue, and separate the lentils, barley, yam, and pork belly soup, and cook into thin porridge. Season with salt and take 1 dose daily.

    Efficacy: bergamot aroma and qi, strengthening stomach and vomiting; white lentils to strengthen spleen and dampness, and heatstroke, for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, chest tightness and bloating; barley, yam and spleen and stomach; pork belly soup tonication and spleen; Suitable for epigastric burning pain, dry mouth, bitter mouth, upset and irritable stomach, duodenal ulcer and so on.

    3, dandelion and gentian dandelion and gentian can be fried, can also be soup stew, but the taste will be bitter, especially the taste of dandelion is bitter and astringent, you need to take while hot.

Gentian grass is a good medicine for treating gastric ulcer.

  Tips: During the treatment of patients with gastric ulcer, do not drink tea, otherwise it will affect the effectiveness of the medicine.