[Head leeks are susceptible to disease when eaten, is it true?

Will it be okay?

】 _What’s going on_Diet taboos

[Head leeks are susceptible to disease when eaten, is it true?
Will it be okay?
】 _What’s going on_Diet taboos

Leeks are particularly common in our lives, but many people eat them, especially some experienced elderly people will say that leeks ca n’t be eaten, mainly because leeks are hair products, which can easily cause skin diseases.Like rashes or sores, there is a stubble leek that usually contains a lot of pesticides. It is not good for your health, but it is very rich in nutrients, rich in vitamin c and carotene.Health is still very helpful.

Leek is delicious, and contains vitamin C and vitamin B1 and carotene. Leek also contains cellulose, which can promote peristalsis in the body and prevent constipation.

But a saying that has been inherited for many years is that leeks can not be eaten.

In fact, when the spring blooms, many friends who grow their own chives will choose to eat “head knife chives”.

The stubble leek has a heavier flavor when it tastes sweet and crisp.

In terms of shape, the first chives are thin. Such leeks are more laborious in choosing vegetables.

After the first stubble, the leeks are thicker, and the time and effort are saved, but the taste is lighter than the first stubble.

Why do so many people say that the first leeks can not eat?

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the first or second crop of leeks. When you have time, you can make a delicious chive dumplings.

In fact, the first leeks can be eaten with confidence, but pay attention to the right amount, the following introduces the effectiveness of leeks.

In every inspection of pesticide residues in vegetables, leeks are always on the list. Some people say that leeks are the most serious pesticide residues in vegetables now, and they almost become “poisonous vegetables”.

“Toon sprouts, lizard heads, top flower cucumbers, Xiehuayao” are called the four fresh in the countryside; there was a saying in the past: “males don’t use leek”, and it ‘s not right for men to eat leek, according to the relevantMedical writings state that “the grain is fed, and the five dishes are filled.” The first of the five dishes is leek, which is a good supplement to Guqi; leek also has an alias, “yangyang grass”, which is good for the stomach and the body!

The effect of chives: nourishing kidney; warming the qi; dispersing stasis; detoxifying.

Main kidney deficiency impotence; Lihan abdominal pain; nausea nausea; chest pain; bleed blood; vomiting blood; urinary blood; pus; hemorrhoids; scabies swelling and poison; lacquer sores; bruises.

Tonifying the kidney and warming the yang: The chives are warm and spicy, but have no aphrodisiac ingredients.

Yigan Jianwei: It contains special ingredients such as volatile essential oils and sulfides, and emits a unique spicy odor, which helps to evacuate and regulate liver qi, increase appetite, and enhance digestive function.

Qi and blood circulation: the spicy scent of chives has stasis and blood circulation, and qi stagnation, and is suitable for bruises, nausea, enteritis, vomiting blood, chest pain and other symptoms.

Intestinal laxative: contains a lot of vitamins and crude fiber, can promote peristalsis in the body, treat constipation, and prevent bowel cancer.